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Posted: Oct 27 2009 7:38pm
by Jerome Daoust
Detailed pictures from Hightekbikes.
And here they say the motor is 350 W.
Maybe they mean Peak power and not nominal. Or is this a more powerful version?

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Mar 03 2010 2:14am
by LI-ghtcycle
Maybe I missed it, but what is the Q-Factor like?

I don't see where this question was addressed. (Q-Factor meaning the outward placing of the crank arms meaning, are the pedals out considerably farther/wider than they would be with a regular pedal bike? This was an issue some mentioned being a problem with other crank driving motor systems.)

Thanks! 8)

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Mar 28 2010 4:08pm
by dansitarz
Reading the posts re: R Martin R10 with interest. I own an R Martin R11 (same bike without the disk brakes or rear shocks). I have found it to be a well-engineered and well-built bike. I weigh 250# and it takes me up long and/or steep hills easily in 7th without problems. Of course, I still pedal (it is a pedelec afterall). You can use the throttle only, but realistically, it operates far more efficiently as a pedal-assist. It is a bit heavy overall (60#) but the frame is solid and at my weight the strength of the frame is important. I've ridden bikes for 50+ years, ride almost every day but after 9 major operations, I really appreciate the electric assist. This bike seems to be fairly maintenance free. The kickstand was not up to the weight of the bike. I think I would get the disk brakes next time. I got the 36v 10ah LiOn battery and it holds a charge very well. I plan on doing some more sophisticated testing of this bike as soon as I get over my latest back surgery (FYI -3 knee surgeries, 3 hip replacements (1 replacement needed to be replaced-I don't recommend anyone ever go through that!!) 2 back surgeries and 1 cervical (neck) surgery). Any bike that can keep me riding every day after all of that has my whole-hearted approval. I hope to take this one on a long tour this summer. Wish me luck. Thanks.

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Apr 18 2010 9:49am
I recently puchased this bike from R Martin and I am very happy so far with it. I live in Brooklyn NY and the first day I got it I decided to ride into Manhattan, the trip is about 8 miles one way and was impressed with the pedal assist mode. Even starting out in 7th gear the second you star pedaling the motor automatically kicks in and away you go! I weigh 220 lbs and still the bike goes very well, its very sturdy and suspension works well on NYC streets.My total trip was about 18 miles in total and I still had some battery power when I got home. The only down side so far is I got two flat tires the first day out, turns out there was a blemish on the inside part of the front rim causing the tube to slowly wear out on it , thank god their are alot of bike shops in my area along the bike lanes to and from Brooklyn so I lucked out. I called the customer service and they promptly got back to me and are sending me a high quality inner liner for the rim, will keep all posted on this. Other than that I am happy so far and will post pics and video on my adventures when I get the rim liner. As far as the throttle feature I wouldnt recommend using it solely, you wont get very far if you dont pedal and will use up the battery fast! I am an avid bike rider and like pedaling and with the pedal assist I rode 18 miles without breaking a sweat and got many compliments on the bikes style and concept.

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Jun 30 2010 10:00pm
by georgefromvt
I bought the R Martin R 12A and very happy with my decision. It's a well built bike worth the money. No tax and free shipping. The bike is well made, the electrical components are well hidden and top notch. The battery is also well engineered. I appreciate the combination of throttle controll and pedelec system. I have driven Giant, Liberty and Ezee, this bike is the best buy. I was a little skeptecal about a bracket mount power system but it torque and speed is equal to a brushless hub motor but minus the weight. This bike was a good buy, just wished I bought it last year.

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Sep 16 2010 6:38am
by MadRhino
Just found this older thread, and I like the system. I could use it with combination of Nuvinci and wide range 9cassette. I have questions, if one had a good look at it:

Is the crank system built so it could be easily fitted with another motor, more powerfull one?

Did someone try feeding this one with more juice?

Is it brushless with external controller?

Is this crank system available separately, or more likely: can it be removed and fitted fairly on another frame?

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Sep 18 2010 6:37pm
by rms401

This is Randall from R Martin. I can answer most of your questions.

The R10 with the bracket mount motor has a standard rear wheel. You can use whatever cassette, freewheel, or Nuvinci hub that you like. That is one of the really nice things about this design - both the front and rear wheels are standard.

The motor is actually really powerful even though it is rated at 200w continuous. In lower gears, you can climb hills without pedaling. We don't recommend this because of the power consumption and stress on the components. We have never found a hill we couldn't climb with this setup.

We haven't ramped up the voltage on this but it should work fine. We use a 36v controller and this is a brushless motor with hall sensors. The controller is in a compartment next to the battery.

The current bracket mount motor requires a special mounting bracket on the frame. There is no normal bottom bracket with this setup. So, you can't just mount it on another bike. We may have something that will mount to regular frames in the future.



Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Sep 20 2010 6:18pm
by MadRhino
Thanks for your answer Randall,

I have other questions, if you have spare time:

What is the distance between pedal levers?

Could the motor be replaced with another one, or is it specifically designed for it?

You mention ' power consumption and stress on the components'... Well, I do not mind about power consumption as I can easily feed it as required. My concern is about the crank transmission, because this is the only part that I could not find or repair quickly; and maybe the motor, only if I can not easily fit another one.

I consider buying your bike, but would not use it very long as is. The idea is to eventually modify my DH frame to fit your crank system, if I can first achieve mods to attain the desired performance out of it (40mph top speed and 90nm torque at 20mph would be satisfying my needs). It looks neat, I would appreciate a few pictures, views from under and from the left. I would like to know also, if all spare parts are available, as I would buy at the same time all the parts that are most likely to fail under stress, cause I plan to stress it a lot. Never mind the garantee, mind the availability.

Thanks for your time.

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Jan 02 2011 3:06pm
by Greg5865
My adult daughter bought an R10 with the larger battery in September 2010 to replace a Tres Terra Europa that was purchased in May 2006.
She uses it daily as her only mode of transportation. She is very happy with the bike. It is comfortable and the suspension and disk brakes work well. The Europa seems to accelerate a little faster than the R10 with just the throttle and no pedaling but if you pedal (strongly recommended for performance and battery life) they are about the same. The R10 seems to have a slightly higher top speed. We have not tried to measure the speed. The R10 is 15 pounds lighter than the Europa so it much easier to handle. Because the motor is at the crank and takes advantage of the gears it handles hills much better that the hub motor. Her ride is over hilly terrain and the bike does not slow much on the up hills so her 15 minute commute is now about 12 minutes and she feels she is not pedaling as hard.

In late October it started to have a problem with the crank. If you stop pedaling, the crank should free wheel and the motor can still power the bike. It started to intermittently stop free wheeling so the motor was causing the pedals to turn. Sometimes when she would pedal, the mechanism would release and the pedals would just spin without powering the bike. At the end of October it became a total failure. I contacted R.Martin and they knew right away what the problem was and said they would send me the part and a crank puller so that I could replace it. The did not FedEx it so I had to wait about 8 days for the part.

November 13th, 2010
When I started to dissemble the crank assembly I found the Philips slots striped in 2 of the 4 screws. Then in the next step I had to remove 4 Allan cap screws. 2 of these were hard to remove and it turns out that they were cross threaded when assembled. All parts are aluminum and it appears that very little care was taken in the assembly.

I did replace the part they sent me and the bike has been working well as of today 1/2/2011.
I contacted R.Martin on Nov 15th about the stripped screws and they agreed to send me a whole new crank assembly. I told them it was not a rush because the bike was working. By no rush I was thinking I could wait w couple of weeks. I am still waiting. A follow up email on 12/8 has gone unanswered. I will follow up with a phone call tomorrow to see whats up.

They seemed helpful and responsive up to this point so I hope they have a good explanation for the delays. I will post an update.

Spacing between pedals is 9"
Attached are some pictures of the motor and crank assembly and the defective part next to the new one.
DSC_0004.jpg (267.85 KiB) Viewed 234 times
DSC_0005.jpg (250.23 KiB) Viewed 234 times

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Jan 02 2011 6:38pm
by deVries
Greg5865 wrote:I did replace the part they sent me and the bike has been working well as of today 1/2/2011.
I contacted R.Martin on Nov 15th about the stripped screws and they agreed to send me a whole new crank assembly.
If you have a chance please take photos of the old crank assembly, when you disassemble it to put on the new one. I guess there is no reason to have to open the motor can? That would sure be interesting to see what's inside there. :twisted: 8)

I am told there is a patent on the motor can or maybe the whole unit, so it would be interesting if someone on ES could find that patent. Usually, there are drawings in the patent that will show how the darn thing works, and a good explanation too. :wink:

Please see if you can find any patent numbers stamped on the motor or crank areas, and, if you don't mind, please check the instruction manual too. Usually, the patent numbers will be in the reference manual somewhere. Thanks!!! :D


Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Feb 03 2012 10:16pm
by whudgens
I just bought an R10 new this week. Can someone take a crankshaft pictures (pointing down). It looks like my right crank sticks out 3 1/2 inches. And the left one is sticks out only 2 inches. It seems to be causing the front crank to keep derailing. :roll:

William in Texas

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Feb 04 2012 12:06pm
by miro13car
I would never abandon TestraEuropa with Heinzman motor for Rmartin, no way, 6kg differnce in weight is not so much,
ability to climb? Is Heizman not hub geared motor already?
And at least it lasts for long time, no shoddy assembly.

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Feb 11 2012 4:57pm
by whudgens
I went to RMartin HQ this afternoon. They helped me with my new bike issue. They were fast and friendly. We are going to buy a 2nd bike in the near future!

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Mar 08 2012 11:11pm
by Greg5865
Here is an update on my daughters R10. The free wheel mechanism failed again one year after the last time. They replaced it for no charge even though the warranty had expired. They told me the last time that the part was being redesigned and they they would give me the new one when I needed it.
This time I sent them the whole gearbox because of the stripped screw problem. They were going to fix that somehow.
They received the gearbox on January 16 and we did not get back the repaired unit until March 7. (7 1/2 weeks) They never communicated to me about the delay. Emails and phone messages went unanswered. I did get someone on the phone that told me the part was back ordered. I am not happy with this at all.
I see by their web site that the R10 is now the R10-H with a hub motor. I guess the old design didn't work out to well. I hope that if this part fails again I will be able to get the part and it won't cost an arm and a leg.
whudgens, does yours have the hub motor?

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Mar 12 2012 1:20pm
by Greg5865
Here is an update on my update.
I got the part back and the bike still did not work. It turns out the freewheel mechanism was fine but they replaced it anyway. (Thank you). The problem is that the gear on the end of the motor shaft is held on by a roll pin, and it had sheared off (like they are designed to do). I was able to fix it an about 15 minutes once I determined the problem. The symptoms for the broken pin were similar the the broken freewheel.
The bottom line is the freewheel mechanism appears to not be a weak spot as I thought but it does need to be lubricated periodically which I had not been told before.

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Mar 13 2012 2:16pm
by SunCoaster
Looks like they are no longer selling ebikes with the motor mounted at the crank assembly, just hub motors:

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Jul 22 2012 8:20pm
I have had my R 10 for over two years and it is still looking and working excellent, but then again I do take very good care of it! Too bad they stopped making the crank motor and went back to the chinese hub motor.

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Aug 19 2012 5:50pm
by docnjoj
This is too bad as I had been considering trying to fit this type of geared motor to my trike at the end of the boom. Is it just not reliable enough for a kit?

Re: R Martin: R10

Posted: Aug 20 2012 9:35am
by Greg5865
I just went to test ride some bikes because I am thinking of replacing me daughters R-10. The bikes I tried had 350W hub motors and they were much better on a very steep hill than the R-10. The bikes I tried did have 21 speeds which helped. So If I were you I would have second thoughts about using this particular crank motor. The same bike can be purchased in the US as an igo or an Evelo.
Evelo will sell you parts. Go here.