2+ years and 2500 miles later...

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2+ years and 2500 miles later...

Post by SnowDog2112 » May 28 2017 2:11pm

And still kicking! I just got back from a little light trail exploration. And thought I'd type up a long term report. I converted my Purplish blue 26" 1994 Giant 'Rincon' Mountain bike in April of 2015. 48v 1000w Ebay wheel/controller kit and Calibike 15Ah 48v battery. Throttle only no PAS hooked up. After 2 year's, and the typical trials of a new ebike owner..... I have to say I'm very happy with this project. Sorry No pic's But the bike has it's own FB page and blog where you can read more about it.
Me:..43yo, 5.5", 235lbs
Bike: 26" Giant Rincon. Base model, Mountain bike, bought new in 1996. No Shock. 22.5lbs stock
Ebike conversion: Rear hub 1000W 48v 30a controller. 48v 15AH Calibike battery with triangle bag. Road-bike rear tire that came with kit. 60psi f/r.
Upgrades: Shimano 13t Freewheel, replacing original 14t.
Accessories: Map my ride Phone app. Sunding basic bike computer.
Coming Soon.. Helmet, fnt/rr lights, rear rack, seat, new shifter's..

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Re: 2+ years and 2500 miles later...

Post by CaliClouds » Jun 01 2017 5:01pm

Nice! I've been happy with my throttle only ebay kits. Nothing beats the reliability of a direct drive hub and I hate extra wires. I have 3k+ miles on my 2 year old 1500w hub with no problems. That mileage is about to start increasing fast as I cover 100 miles a week right now on my regular bike and just finished building a 2000 watt commuter. Should be nice as I'm running a 29er frame with a 26" rim in the back for more relaxed geometry and better high speed tracking. So far the stability is second to none.

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