Sabvoton MQCON review and documents

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Re: Sabvoton MQCON review and documents

Post by ElectricGod » Aug 30 2018 6:15pm

Mywpn wrote:
May 04 2018 3:54am
I’m guessing you worked out that when prOgramming if you press ok a few times consecutively on every value you change. Then when you go to your parameter store. Press that conservatively a few times also and it will always save your changes
Yes...I had to do that's a joke...don't take things so seriously folks!

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Re: Sabvoton MQCON review and documents

Post by Mywpn » Nov 29 2018 8:48am

ElectricGod wrote:
Aug 20 2017 10:02pm
I don't know if anyone is paying any attention to this thread or not, but I have some odd behavior with my controller.

I have several inrunners and the MQCON controller passes the hall test for all of them. I wanted to run an Alien Power C80100 on this controller, but it wouldn't pass the hall test. I then tried an AP 12090 and it too won't pass the hall test. Both motors run on other controllers and manually testing the halls shows they work correctly too. I know what the pole count is for both motors and they have 120 degree halls. This should be very straight forward. I have a turnigy CA80-160kv that I've had a for a few years. I've never used it for anything since these motors are not particularly great quality and it had no halls in it. Today I took it apart and added SS41F halls to it. I then connected it to the MQCON and did the hall test. Within less than a miinute, the motor was running on the controller.

So my theory was that the controller didn't like outrunners in general since they tend to be wired delta. However now that I have the CA80-160KV running, now I don't think that's the case. It's something else. Any ideas? Why do the AP outrunners not work on this controller and this one does despite them all having good halls?
I too had the same problem with the hall test failing with the alien power 80-100 outrunner with both sabvoton and kls Kelly controllers

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