Radcity Commuter vs Prodeco Phantom

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Radcity Commuter vs Prodeco Phantom

Post by Little Walter » Aug 27 2017 1:31pm

Trying to decide on my first E-Bike. Will be used mainly recreationally on paved roads with moderate hills. Any other bikes in this price range should I consider (under $2K)? Thanks.

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Re: Radcity Commuter vs Prodeco Phantom

Post by gggplaya » Sep 06 2017 2:09pm

Juiced Cross Current S uses a torque sensor which gives a more natural ride feeling. 700C wheel so more for pavement and light gravel roads. https://shop.juicedbikes.com/products/crosscurrent-s

M2S has a few options to choose from, some are mid drive with torque sensing and takes advantage of gearing: https://shop.m2sbikes.com/collections/frontpage

Flx bikes has a few options as well, mid drive also: https://flx.bike/

If you're doing this for fitness, I'd recommend a torque sensing bike so you can lower the power level and pedal more naturally acting more like a torque amplifier.

Regular cadence sensor bikes tend to surge more and simply try to maintain a ground speed rather than match your torque output. For a commuter bike, this is fine because you're just trying to maintain a high 20+mph and accelerate to 20+mph as quickly as you can, so you don't really notice it.

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