Sabvoton SVMC208014(M) e-brake

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Sabvoton SVMC208014(M) e-brake

Post by HomeScape » May 20 2018 8:04am

Hi all,

I've recently upgraded to a new controller, the SVMC208014 from Sabvoton. It's been fun having a go with the settings so far.

I've been reading online for the past 3 days or so trying to find out how to enable the e-brake, so far i've found plenty of information around the topic but none seem to work for the situation i'm in.

First off i'm having trouble with the speed setting on it, i've currently set the speed to ' intern set' 100% motor limit. This works okay but i dont have the option to set the bike to low speed.

Now the real problem, the e-brake.
My controller was send to me with 1 black cable + 1 purple cable connected into a black connector, this connector was split off into an exact same one. This is meant to connect your brake cables to. I cut off the connector and im left with 1 black + 1 purple from the controller.

My toughts were that by connecting black and purple it would trigger the e-brake and it would (depending on setting) generate back into the battery while also braking hard.

When my func tab looks like this:
General brake enable
Electric brake disable
BOOST enable

When i connect my black + purple together it cuts off the power to the motor, the handle is disabled at this point.

It does not regenerate back or slow the motor down in any way.

Someone suggested to put 0-12v on the transparant wire because apparently this is for variable regen. However when i apply 12v/5v to the grey wire and short out the black + purple the motor slows down to a certain speed. (still quite high)

The weird thing is that when i enable e-brake in the func tab, shorting out the purple and the black wire doesn't do anything anymore. When i look at the controller on my laptop it does say 'electronic brake' but the motor just keeps going full (having throttle at full)

I was wondering if someone has been in the same situation and is able to help me out here, i cant think of any more options to try out. So far the closest i've been to regenerative braking has been the slide recharge setting, which doesnt brake nearly as hard as the regenerative braking on my old controller. I also have to disable e-brake in the func tab or else the motor keeps going when i pull the brake handle..

Thanks for any help, i'll add in some pictures.


Image size too large; this isn't from me but seems to match quite well:
red/white/black -> throttle
-> orange/red -> lock
-> brown(left) alarm??
-> pink + grey/transparant are supposed to be for speed controll but these don't work for me.
Purple + black wire = handle bar, these disable the motor when e-brake is off and i connect them. When e-brake is on they don't work. When grey has 12v and i connect purple + black the motor spins about 20% slower (as if flux weaken is disabled)
Cables before i cut off the connector, white is reverse, pink doesn't do anyting neither does transparent, pink and transparent are supposed to controll the speed settings but they dont.
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Re: Sabvoton SVMC208014(M) e-brake

Post by amberwolf » May 20 2018 11:44pm

I don't know if any of the other sabvoton models are wired or function the same way as yours, but there might be some info about the issue in one of these posts:
search.php?keywords=sabvoton+*brak*&ter ... mit=Search
the first one before yours might apply?

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Re: Sabvoton SVMC208014(M) e-brake

Post by HomeScape » May 21 2018 3:03am

Hi amberwolf,

Most people say that you have to enable brake, then add a variable signal to start braking. however i've been running 12v up my transparant wire and connecting the purple/black to ground, at this point the wheel slows down about 20% almost as if flux weakening is turned off.



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