Bad Experience with Chinese Company (Thunder Ebikes)

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Bad Experience with Chinese Company (Thunder Ebikes)

Post by gsamui » Aug 16 2018 9:42am

I ordered a foldable 26i Mountain Bike from Thunder Ebikes in Oct 2017 through Alibaba.
This is more of a warning than a review because it all went not well.
Thunder Ebikes are a typical example of a Chinese rippoff manufacturer. I was promised a 12.8 amp Samsung battery, of course I got a cheap Chinese one which has "chunk" written all over it. The rear rack could not be mounted because it was so out of spec. Need to modify it to make any use of it. Screws rusty within weeks. Then I had a problem with the electrical system. I contacted them, let them know about it described the problem in every detail and got this answer back: "you have not used your bike enough that is why we cannot cover the problem under warranty."
I then checked the components myself and found a little transistor which was between battery and controller to be blown. Replacement cost of a dollar or 2 but they simply did not respond any more. Be very careful when considering a deal with this company.
Ride SAfe, Gerry

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Re: Bad Experience with Chinese Company (Thunder Ebikes)

Post by SirLongAss » Aug 26 2018 11:09am

I generally avoid buying whole bikes from china after an experience with electric scooter I bought. Although I have two chinese battery suppliers from aliexpress that I really recommend if you plan on building your own bike in the future.

Shenzhen Foxell Technologies Co., Ltd ... 6e2cwNGgx9

Shenzhen Herculesi Technology Co., Ltd ... 2afdqxfUjK

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