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Solar, wind, hydro and other non-fossil sources of electricity.
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Beginners Question

Post by SackofFluor » Jun 26 2021 3:35pm

Hey Guys,

Sorry for pestering you with such an easy question, but I am a little los when it comes to "bus bar sizing"

Lets imaging i want to use a 24v Battery and a 24v inverter to draw 3600 Watt of power at 220V.

When dividing 3600 Watts by 24V I end at 150 Amps.

Do I understand correctly that at the Plus and Minus Pole of a 7s 19p Battery the bus bars have to be around 16x 1.6mm of Pure copper?

( I used this table as a reference: ... ar-rating/

Does since Current requirement is just necessary for the Plus / minus pole were all the power is siphoned from, or do the busbars that connect the parallel cell also have to have this dimensions?

I am just a little unsure wither my general approach here is correct!

Also I have another stupid question...

Lets say I have a 12 V Solararrays and put them into a 12V MPPT solar-charger, could this (albight slower) charge my 24v Battery?

Thank you very much für th time !


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