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Re: Hydrogen Drive - We Made the Battery Obsolete

Posted: Apr 29 2021 1:35am
by amberwolf
SurBiker wrote:
Apr 28 2021 7:06am

We will definitely run a system on the bench to show it supporting a load without any input power too. We can plug in to store the gas, then unplug and use the gas to run the motor.
So it is just another kind of battery, then--chemical/mechanical, in that it takes the input power and converts it into the gas by electrolyzing water, then the gas is used in a way akin to the old steam locomotive mechanism, but not with steam, directly; rather recombining the hydrogen and oxygen in a spark-ignition explosion, to create mechanical work.

That's interesting about the ASI controller usage.

ASI doesn't have a very good rep around here, because they don't seem to reply / support anyone that didn't buy directly from them, and people who bought controllers from dealers (most often ERT) have been "screwed over" because they don't have their own login for the programming/setup app (just the dealer sharing their own), and the ones from the dealers can stop working, and the dealers stop responding to them, and ASI apparently won't help them or provide them with their own setup login. So then they can't use their controller anymore, because of a simple setting they need to change.... ( I don't understand why it should even require such a login, but that's apparently a thing with a number of controller manufacturers. )

Re: Hydrogen Drive - We Made the Battery Obsolete

Posted: Apr 29 2021 10:04am
by AngryBob
So, you are gonna have a large, pressurized, metal can full of hydrogen, mounted on a bicycle, and you somehow think this is a good idea? BTW, it's been done, and did not sell; SFAIK, it did not get past the mock-up stage.

Somebody involved in this attended, and graduated from, an actual accredited engineering school?

Can't put it on a bike rack on a city bus.

Can't sell this to anyone who has ever heard the phrase "Oh, the humanity!".

As a static, non-mobile excess-generation storage medium, perhaps functional.

On a bike, I think you are pissing up a rope.