uKeg Growler Group Buy?!

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Stevil_Knevil   10 kW

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uKeg Growler Group Buy?!

Post by Stevil_Knevil » Nov 18 2014 2:57pm

I saw this on Kickstarter->

Image ... fresh-beer

..and immediately thought of you guys :D

Anybody else interested to go in for a Group Buy on the 64 oz. 12-pack option?

Thinking on a fork-mounted E-S Growler Cage design..
We don't care. We're riding Ducatis in our dreams.

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wineboyrider   100 MW

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Re: uKeg Growler Group Buy?!

Post by wineboyrider » Nov 18 2014 5:21pm

Very cool.

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yopappamon   10 kW

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Re: uKeg Growler Group Buy?!

Post by yopappamon » Nov 18 2014 6:12pm

I'm in.

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Ypedal   100 GW

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Re: uKeg Growler Group Buy?!

Post by Ypedal » Nov 23 2014 8:25am

Damn that's slick !! 8)

I love beer.... but have been drinking red wine lately ( double the alcohol, way less sugar )
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xenodius   1 kW

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Re: uKeg Growler Group Buy?!

Post by xenodius » Nov 23 2014 3:30pm

I got in on the early bird deal already. =) That was gone within 3 hours of the kickstarter going public. I'm very excited.

This is the first charged growler that has a variable regulator, let alone looks good and has a pressure gauge to match.

My boss is a very good guy, and we shared a grunt of Chocolate Dragons Milk after work last Friday during a meeting. I think I'd get a thumbs up if I just left this growler on my desk during the day... hey, it's insulated! =D

Ypedal, have you tried Bourbon County, Tokio, or World Wide Stout? I consider more than 3 ounces of any of those a complete meal, and rightly so at near or beyond 100 calories/ounce. 18+%, and low attenuation!

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