DIY spotwelder

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Post by FunDeckHermit » Apr 23 2018 8:26am

Hello everybody,

A couple of months ago I bough a DIY spotwelder from
After creating a suitable power supply I have to say: This is the best product I have ever bought.

You can set the amount of energy (in Joule) you want to put into the weld. It has an automatic mode and
a foot-pedal so welding is quick.

The only difficulty is the power-supply, I use a 2S 20Ah high C-rate battery to power it. You could use a transformer/rectifier or
even a supercapacitor bank to do the same.

Here is a link to my IMGur album: LINK

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Re: DIY spotwelder

Post by spinningmagnets » Sep 04 2018 4:38am

Thanks for posting your experience. As battery packs become harder and more expensive to ship, individual cells remain fairly easy to ship, so I can see there becoming a growth in locally-built battery packs.

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