Problems with Zoom electric scooter company

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Re: Bought Zoom electric scooter / moped $1899 long term Review

Post by LeftieBiker » Sep 02 2020 3:21pm

Hey, Mods: are people really allowed to post advertising disguised as enthusiastic reviews by people?

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Re: Bought Zoom electric scooter / moped $1899 long term Review

Post by vinnyB » Apr 06 2021 2:31pm

has anyone registered this in Massachusetts? I'm having a hard time registering it as a moped/scooter. I got the MCO from zoom after I requested it. The email version had ampere zoom m3 as make and model but paper version as ampere zoom m2. same VIN. The m3 version has the max speed of 30MPH and says automatic transmission with 1.5 HP. The m2 version has only 1HP no max speed nor whether it's automatic. Zoom was very responsive for most of the buying process and getting info I needed but now they keep saying it is Mass RMV (DMV) problem, they should know it's automatic/max of 30MPH. DMV/RMV keeps saying it's not a moped/scooter it is low speed vehicle and needs title, insurance and license plate. Anyone have the same experience?

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