Ningbo Auto Co G510 frame grief - avoid them!

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Ningbo Auto Co G510 frame grief - avoid them!

Post by irbsail » Apr 18 2020 12:01am

Like many people on this board i prefer to assemble my own ebikes from a hodepodge of parts. They may be better or worse than what you can buy already assembled, in my case probably worse, it is really just a preference I have for messing around with things.

Unfortunately, this frequently means dealing with China through alibaba. Usually this goes ok, but the most recent experience was so over the top I had to share as a warning.

I was interested in putting together a Bafang g510 based bike, and lacking welding skills, i began looking for a frame on Alibaba. I found one from Ningbo Auto Vehicle Co. Ltd and started speaking with Marky about specs. Initially we where going to get a 29' er frame sized large based on drawings I received, but he indicated there would be a delay with this, so we agreed to go with a 27.5 sized frame pending delivery of the drawings. I kept asking for the 27.5 drawing and was repeatedly not given an answer and then boom, a frame shows up at my door.

Nothing seemed to be lining up on this frame it should have, and it became pretty clear that what I had received was a medium sized 29er frame, not the large 27.5 i should have received. Marky keeps blowing me off on everything, and keeps mentioning how he is good friends with Lunacycle instead of answering my questions. (Nothing against the crew at Luna because I have never had good encounters with them..only great encounters.) After a few weeks Marky starts getting really snarky and says there is no difference between the 27.5 and the 29, and basically I am stuck with what I have. ahole.

I try to get a refund, and Marky insists I send the frame directly to Luna Cycle and then I will get a refund. Admittedly I waited about a week to get a shipping box and pack everything up, but for those of you living under a rock there is this little virus going around messing up everyones schedule. Finally Sunday night the frame is finally boxed up, so I send a message saying I will ship the bike out on Monday. Of course on Monday my 2yo is sick throwing everything out of whack, and I do not ship the frame out that day. Of course that night marky sends a message saying "too late" - because clearly that one day made all the difference!

As I am writing this I realize I do not know why I should be surprised by any of the events that occurred. Just chalk it up as a warning for other people that you should stay away from this group, as they are one of the bad apples that gives everything in china a bad name. You can see them here ... 3e5fECjJcs

If anybody wants the frame pm me.

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