Difference between consumer and wholesale prices - UK

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Difference between consumer and wholesale prices - UK

Post by No_Shorty » Jun 09 2020 8:04am

This is mostly a curiosity, but whenever I look online for batteries in the UK the consumer price for 1 cell is regularly double that of a 'wholesale' cell, even when the wholesale allows you to buy just a few cells.

I have never seen anything like it in other areas (like, if you buy electronic components, you might save 1-2% when buying in the hundreds) so I was wondering if vendors are faced with some type of 'hidden' cost when selling direct to consumer. My understanding i the regulations are different when selling to a cell maker (as they dont have to individually certify the cells) so I'm guessing this is it, but just wanted to confirm.

Here is an example:

Sony VTC5A

Fogstar Consumer - £5.49 (so £4.58 ex VAT)
Fogstar 'Wholsale' (MOQ 1 cell) - £2.49.

These price differences are reflected elsewhere as well, for example '18650.uk' and 'wholesale.18650.uk'.

edit: It is also interesting to me that the price for UK 'wholesale' batteries seem to be better that anywhere else I have seen them online. Including Chinese vendors like Queens.

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