Chain Reaction Cycle

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Chain Reaction Cycle

Post by HK12K » Jun 10 2020 10:32am

These guys are well known and probably don't need the review, but I've got to say I'm super happy with them and how they treat their customers. I don't want to say too much because it might open them up to abuse by bad actors, but their customer service is absolutely top notch. They take good care of their customers and I appreciate that.


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Re: Chain Reaction Cycle

Post by DogDipstick » Jun 10 2020 11:08am


Chain reaction is really my Go-To for any parts at the best prices.
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Re: Chain Reaction Cycle

Post by goatman » Jun 10 2020 1:16pm

same here, fast shipping easy tracking.

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycle

Post by markz » Jun 12 2020 10:39pm

HK12K wrote:
Jun 10 2020 10:32am
Chain Reaction Cycle
Yeah I have ordered from them in the past and its always been fast delivery from Ireland. They used to sell Shimano and SRAM at a cheap price but they dont anymore. I buy tubes and tires, housings, cables, grips, pedals, chain oil, tube repair kits, pads and whatever else I need and its promptly delivered at a good cost.

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