DAYMAK is the worst e-bike and the after-sales service I have ever seen.

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DAYMAK is the worst e-bike and the after-sales service I have ever seen.

Post by Mangala » Jun 30 2020 2:49pm

DAYMAK is the worst e-bike and the after-sales service I have ever seen. I am in the scooter Li-ion battery trade for 3 years all my customers complain DAYMAK a horrible experience. I also have two incidents with them. I never recommend DAYMAK or E-BIKE UNIVERSE their service partner as good business places to go. THEY WOULD LIKE TO KEEP THEIR HANDS ALWAYS IN YOUR POCKET.
I went with my DAYMAK ROME E scooter bike to get repaired a steering issue. First, they charged $ 65 CAD saying that they charge one hour labor to find out the issue. They promised they would call me within two days and email my receipt for the payment since the printer did not work. I did not get any call or e-mail. I went after a week. They looked at me just like I came to rob a bike since they could not find any record and I didn't have any document. I found my scooter was parked with the others. I pointed out it. A guy went to it and asked for my name and got verified it is as my e-scooter. Then they told a part called Triple tree is not available in the stock and asked for a week to find it. I went for several weeks and they could not find it. A guy was trying to explain that my bike is 3 to 4 years old and they do not carry parts. I told them it has run less than 100 Km even though it is 3 years old. He was telling me that they do not have a responsibility to import parts for old e-scooters they sold. THIS IS THE AFTER-SALES SERVICE OF DAYMAK. Never buy it if you want to save your money. The payment invoice and pictures are attached as the witness.

I asked for a pair of front signal lights and a rear signal light for a DAYMAK Rome e-bike they sold. The salesgirl called a guy inside and asked him to find whether they are in stock. My bike was inside there garage but he never tried to match the parts with it. He came with some signal lights and told me they are good for DAYMAK ROME. He took my credit card went inside the store and came with the invoice and the signal lights. I found the Invoice was wrong. It mentioned two rear signal lights and one front signal lights. He didn't want to change it. He said "It is okay since the price is the same" I took them home and found the pair of front signal lights are different than the original. The sales guy has given something totally different. After two days I went to get them exchanged. Another guy came out and told me, "We don't exchange or refund after we sell something. It is our policy. It is written everywhere." He was showing me the posters. I explained to him that there sales guy gave me that saying it was the suitable lights for DAYMAK ROME. He called the salesperson. The salesperson was crying from inside " He asked for the signal lights for DAYMAK ROME" ....! I told "But it is different. Please check on the bike. it is inside". He replied but it is our policy not to return money or exchange parts. WONDERFUL. He said the parts were perfect and sold me. Now it has become my fault that I did not match the parts with the bike sitting inside their service department. I am having it. I am taking legal action to get my money, legal charges, and with a compensation of another $ 5000 for my time and hassle they made. Never go there if you want to save your money and time.
I met many clients standing outside waiting for parts that they have ordered months ago. Everyone had frustration but nothing

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