WTF is wrong with Julet?

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WTF is wrong with Julet?

Post by vitalik.t » Aug 04 2020 9:48am

I've contacted Julet - EV cables manufacturer, to order custom wiring harnesses with Julet standard connectors and splitters, with price offer 4 times more than MRQ. A little introduction about me: I'm an electrical engineer in an aerospace industry. The harnesses are for a hobby project, and of course not for an aircraft. I've created a professional specs document with everything defined unequivocally. After sending the specs, I've got a response pretty fast with CAD PDF files to approve the final design. Mechanically (lengths, connector types and splitters) everything is great, but there are some pinout mapping misplacement. For almost a whole month I'm trying to get a correct design where only few pins mapping should be changed. Each time (at least 5 times) Julet contact person tells me that they understand the required changes, and after few days I receive the same PDF files without any changes only a new date of creation.
WTF is wrong with them?!
Don't they understand that I won't take a single penny out of my wallet if the design won't be exactly by specs?!
Did anybody had a good experience with Julet?

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