Leili ChanZhou E-Bikes

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Leili ChanZhou E-Bikes

Post by Thorsaw » Nov 02 2020 3:17pm


I wanted to express my severe dissatisfaction with the bike I purchased though Alibaba.

I was advertised a an 8KW Qs273 motor with a sabvoton 72150 Controller. What I received was a counterfeit sabvoton controller (It will not program and sabvoton does not have record of the serial number). I also received a Leili Motor and NOT a QS273. I want to mention a buyer beware for ANY Leili type e-bike. I am screwed and could have built something using US parts for much cheaper. This company sells scam bikes.

Heed my warnings. Do not buy from them

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Re: Leili ChanZhou E-Bikes

Post by Mongrel » Nov 08 2020 5:08pm

Check out my post below
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Post by Mongrel » Nov 09 2020 12:04am

Hi everyone.

If anybody is still waiting for their order of bikes or parts from Changzhou Leili Vehicle Parts Co., (a.k.a. Changzhou Zhijie Import and Export), I strongly suggest you request an immediate refund. They just outright stole my $24,600.00 usd, as well as two of my Schlumpf Drive units and several sets of Michelin and Shinko tires which I had sent to them for the purpose of testing....which they clearly had no intentions of doing... Anyway, as of now I am officially blocled from contacting them through Alibaba, WeChat, Email (all 5 accounts) and was ejected from their FB group in attempts to oust me on all levels. They are scammers who not only false advertise and scam their customers, they also have no ethical or professional remorse, and are not intimidated by legal recourse of any kind. For those of you who have been getting the run-around from Frank Xu or other members of Leili, demand your refunds while and if you still can, and save yourselves the pain of losing your money to some forein corporation who is accountable to no one.
Dont listen to their excuses any longer; these guys are good talkers, espescially Frank Xu.

.....Continue Reading if you want more details......

I have dealt with Frank Xu for over 2.5 years now, and like others, I thought I had developed a good working relationship with him. I would have almost gone as far as to consider him a friend, on account of we shared countless hours comminicating over the phone, WeChat, video chat, etc for obvious business reasons, and throughout this process he shared alot about his personal life, often speaking quite casually in the way that friendly acquaintances would. He had successfully arranged and delivered a couple small P.O's back in 2018, and communicatin was great. The bikes he had sent were RIDDLED with performance problems, including Leili motors instead of QS motors, phase wires hanging from the bottom of the bike, and wiring circuits that could not support regen. This resulted in a blown motor and blown battery during initial testing, and BTW, the 72v 39.4ah Li-On batteries did not have thermal -retardant insulation, so....ya...that could have killed our rider when it fried, but thats a different story. Anyway, I chalked it up to growing pains, and Frank assured me that he would correct all of the mistakes on the next P.O as long as I could, in his words, "provide them with direction".. So we went over design improvements and I sent them another $24,600.00usd to start the next P.O, and I also sent over a couple high-end drivetrains and some sets of motorcycle tires so they could perform some testing on their end before they sent another P.O.t that needed modifications .... and thats when the real problems started.

Long story short, he began reporting problems and dilemmas which were causing my P.O. to be delayed, and he gave me alot of excuses. Then in February/March of 2020, his communication began to dwindle significantly, and he began using the Covid Pandemic as the new excuse as to why they still couldnt sent my P.O.. He promised it would ship out in May...then June... then July, and then on July 28th he sent me an email saying he could no longer gaurantee when my P.O would be sent, and that was the last time I heard from him. From then until now I have tried reaching out to Leili through all means avilable, including countless emails to Frank, Kevin Tong (CEO/Owner), as well as each and every sales rep working for them on Alibaba, asking for ANY sort of update on my P.O. No one would respond. I then started demanding a full refund, only to realize that my account was BLOCKED by both Frank Xu AND the apparent CEO Kevin Tong! As for the Leili Sales Agents working on Alibaba, THEY all tried telling me that Frank was no longer with the company! .... well, that is, all but one of them; Vicky Zhang didnt get the memo apparently, because she admitted that Fank was right beside her and that she would put me over to him, and then quckly tried to delete her comment thinking I hadnt seen it or had time to screenshot it. She then replied with, " no sorry, im the new guy now"....

Anyway, the point of this post isnt sympathy-related; I realize now that my hard-earned 25k usd is gone, and I now have to begin the painstaking and seemingly hopeless process of taking legal action through the Canadian-Chinese Consulate. However, it may still be possible for some of you to recoup your own hard-earned dollars before you are either robbed or sent a product that is dangerously engineered and not built anywhere close to advertised-spec.
And for any future DIY'ers or small start-up companies, beware of Leili and their shady foreign business tactics and their unethical tendancies to lie and scam their customers. Hopefully some of you will take the time to read this and save yourself the financial and moral heartache of being ripped off for a fundemental chunk of change. Its bound to happen....they almost bankrupt Delfast, and they bankrupt a startup company out of Germany, and another in the Netherlands, leaving both companies in financial ruin.

Judging by the surmounting posts on this forum as well as many other forums and DIY groups, it appears that alot of people, both DIY'ers and businesses alike, have either been given the run-around on their P.O.'s all season, or have received bikes and/or parts that are not configured to the advertised specifactions. This usually means cheap Leili-made motors and controllers instead of the advertised and vastly superior QS motors and Sabvoton controllers, resulting in poor performance that is nowhere mear where it should be, and ALOT of blown motors and controller Fault-Code Errors.

Oh ya, and in case I wasnt clear about it, they fully hijacked the parts I sent them for testing, as well as all the design changes we went over during the course of 2018-2020. The parts they stole cost me over 2k to land, and another $1200.00 to ship. They likely just ended up selling them, but I guess I'll never know because I am blocled on all fronts. Thats just the kind of company they are.

Good luck guys; All the Best.
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Re: Leili ChanZhou E-Bikes

Post by BeachRider2016 » Nov 17 2020 9:14pm

I was thinking of buying a few frames from them, but now I’m thinking twice.
My Ebike with chinese frame: viewtopic.php?t=83275
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