Lester Electrical: thumbs up

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Lester Electrical: thumbs up

Post by thoroughbred » Feb 05 2021 8:36pm

This is sort of tangential to most of the activity here on ES but maybe others use these big battery chargers on golf carts and other wet cell projects.

I had bought a used 24 volt manlift at auction. The onboard charger flashed error codes and didnt charge. I was going to start a thread here to ask for help in fixing the thing myself, assuming it was oldschool vintage stuff no longer supported by an actual functioning company. I found the website for Lester electrical and started poking around. It lead me to an operating manual for the charger under "legacy" products.

The manual led me down the troubleshooting process and the solution to the error codes flashing on my charger was to "Call Lester Electric". I called the factory in Lincoln NE and spoke to technical assistance. He asked me a couple of questions and exclaimed that the control board was malfunctioning. Before I could ask what i had to do next, he asked for my address so he could mail me a new control board free of charge. :shock:

One week later charger is up and running. This was a most pleasant surprise and I thought it was worth a mention for what ever its worth...

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Re: Lester Electrical: thumbs up

Post by amberwolf » Feb 06 2021 12:28am

That is sort of what happened to get me my new seat for the trike; I'd bought a used StadiumChair a few years ago, and have been using it for the SB Cruiser's rider seat. Eventually I wore thru and tore the bottom suspended-mesh-type canvas bottom, so I went looking for a new cloth piece but all I found was whole seats for sale, and that's a waste of resources and shipping since the bit I need should only be a few bucks and fit folded up in a large envelope. ;) I emailed several sellers of the chairs in hopes they might have this laying around but not on their sites, but none did...however one of them is the original StadiumChair manufacturer, and they just asked which color chair I wanted and my address and they'd send it to me free!

I thought so much of this that while they were going to ship something anyway, I also bought some spare seat backs (which for some reason they DO sell separately, though those dont' wear out, even though the seat bottoms do, which they DON'T sell separately), for two different experiments, that I won't go into here (but will be in the SB Cruiser thread).

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