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Re: Programmable controller

Posted: Feb 18 2021 8:24pm
by Stavros
I find the power velocity controllers to be very very ordinary quality. Not only do you get a very poor quality but terrible after sale service. Vladimir provides no assistance and difficult to order spare parts which trust me you will need. The mosfetts blow, the bt modules fail and you will be stuck with nothing but a big bulky paper weight. I would running anything but one of these. Not worth the hassle or the arrogance you get from this man. He needs to step up and be accountable for the rubbish he is selling and people he us robbing.

Power velocity

Posted: Feb 18 2021 8:36pm
by Stavros
Power velocity are crap. I ran one on my stealth bomber with nothing but he's. You need an iPhone firstly and I'm not gay so I don't have one. S20 samsung all the way as it's best phone in the world. Once you blow the mosfetts in your controller like I did at only 92v Good luck with power velocity helping you with sourcing more. He took money and never heard back. Lucky for paypal or I would have lost it. Two years dealing with Vladimir has been a night mare I want to forget. Hard to when he cost me 700$ Australian and I got a rooted controller. That's it.and he turns nasty when you tell him how it is. Vladimir I salute you as ki n g of the useless 🧏‍♂️

Re: Programmable controller

Posted: Mar 08 2021 11:56am
by marsrover
Wish I had seen this thread before buying. But here I am 12 days after forking over $500 for a controller the website claims will ship in 2 days and then he just never ships it. Never replies to any of my emails. And when you look at the PCB design, in the end he's just selling an unlocked sabvaton 96120 with a "custom" app that apparently only runs on iphone? (but the website says it works with android too)

I bought from powervelocity since I thought buying from an American seller would give good after sales support and faster shipping (cause I want to ride NOW). But unless I hear some darn good excuse for why you would walk away from your online store without posting up a "gone fishing till next month" note, I can't recommend ANYONE deal with ever again.

Which is a shame, cause the software he's written for the nextgen controller to allow DC charging from any power source of a lower input voltage than the battery using the motor coils to step up the voltage is some absolutely amazing work that to my knowledge is not a feature of any other VESC based controller. It's a shame to have such a clearly brilliant mind hampered by a complete inability to run a business. Perhaps his wife or boyfriend should take over the store side of things so he can focus on the RnD.

EDIT: 14 days later. I have received a refund. Bought a 96120. I do wish him the best, but I only got replies once I created a paypal dispute. Not the best way to run a store or business.