I will never do business with Xcceries again.

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I will never do business with Xcceries again.

Post by tiny_n_terrible » May 23 2017 9:14am

Yescoma or on ebay Xcceries.

I PAID for two kits ,a front and, a rear 1000 watt hubmotor to build a 2wd bicycle.
I wanted to play with mods. Bigger Phase wires oil cooling pas and dual throttle etc.
They refused to ship. Refused to refund my money.
Contacted me outside of EBAY.
To Demand more .
I finally got fed up and contacted EBAY.
EBAY was particularity pissed that Yescoma or Xcceries contacted me outside of ebay.
Ebay fixed me up quick.
I will NEVER do business with Yescoma or Xcceries again.

EDIT Contacting Xcceries did no good for me. Dozens, of emails, faxes and phone calls.

One call to Ebay Customer service and I had a shipping date from Yescoma at 10 oclock at night .

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