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Re: Negative Experience: PING from

Post by Rassy » Sep 05 2017 10:19am

chilltrout wrote:
Nope i was gonna buy it for parts but decided not too in the end, had the wrong cells and BMS, 2.5 Vs 5 iirc
That's strange because Mad Huey confirmed to me that you did purchase his battery. Perhaps he was somehow mistaken or I misunderstood. I'll see if I can copy our PM conversation here:
Message subject: LiFeP04 BatteryFolder: Sent messages
Hi Mad Huey,

I've been having some discussions with chilltrout about using, charging, and caring for LiFeP04 batteries. It seems that the battery he is relating to is the one you sold last May. Did chilltrout purchase this 48V 30AH LiFeP04 battery from you?

Mad Huey
Message subject: Re: LiFeP04 BatteryFolder: Inbox
Yeah why is he selling it to you??
Edit: Mad Huey got right to the point without punctuation. Here is my interpretation of his statement: "Yeah (,chilltrout purchased that battery from me,) why (,) is he selling it to you?"

My apologies if I've made a mistake. You could clear this up quickly with a few good pictures of your battery.
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