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BBS01 error 30 and bad experience with BTN Enauro

Posted: Nov 19, 2017 2:51 pm
by FapiColca
Hello everyone.

This is my first post to share my experience with my bafang BBS01.

I just would like to share my experience with my bafang bbs01 especially the very bad behavior of Enauro BTN company. I bought my bbs01 on Ali-express to Enauro / BTN seller which seems to be a big China bike company.

1 week after mounting on my bike and few city trips, I got randomly an error 30H = communication issue between controller and display. The error could happened sometimes after 30 mn, sometimes after 10 seconds. I look over the internet and this forum, and it seems the issue appears sometimes and is linked to a real HW failure.

I contacted Enauro who asked me to perform some tests and make a video. They said the root cause could be either controller, display or cable. My feeling was controller because I figured out a link between error occurrence and assistance level. I sent the kit to repair center in Italy. I paid the shipment (35 euros).

The Italian repair center failed to reproduce the issue and decided to change controller + display + cable to be sure the error will not occur anymore.

At that point the nightmare started:
  • Italian repair center does not have any controller in stock! So they ship the motor to BTN / Enauro in China.
  • the communication with China was very poor: very difficult to get a clear status during weeks. I wrote several messages to remind that issue is random to be sure they won't send back saying "no trouble found". Enauro answered "OK, don't worry, we will repair"
  • 1 week after, BTN send me a message saying that my controller has a problem
  • 2.5 months after my shipment to Italy, I received back my motor; I paid again 35€ custom fees
I DISCOVERED THAT NOTHING HAS BEEN REPAIRED! When I complained, they answered they test it (probably a few seconds) and did not see the error :(

And the worse: I asked them to ship a new controller to change it by myself: they answered that I have to ORDER and PAY a new one!!! :-(
:evil: :evil:
Conclusion: BTN ENAURO is a completely ineffective company, just able to resell Bafang motors.

Conclusion n°2: if you have a issue with BTN/Enauro, they will not apply warranty and request you to buy the replacement part.

My advice is to avoid Enauro / BTN company: these guys are not serious. If you have any issue, do not trust repair center and buy replacement parts directly.

Re: BBS01 error 30 and bad experience with BTN Enauro

Posted: Nov 29, 2017 2:09 am
by tomjasz
Always check out the seller here FIRST.