Sunkko 737G and buying at

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Sunkko 737G and buying at

Post by TractionAvant » Feb 20 2019 11:47am

Hello all

Brief introduction; I've been building a speedelec out of a 1950's Dutch Gazelle transport bike frame. It will be propelled by a GM 901 pro hub motor mated to a 48 volt 1500 watt controller. A 13S3P 18650 samsung 2500 mAh pack is in the making. I bought a Sunkko 737G 220volt 15amp spotwelder on to assemble the cells.

However; upon receiving the Sunkko 737G welder it turned out to be broken. It short-cirquits upon plugging it in. It has a dent in the back so possibly transport damage. The entire transformer is dislocated and rolls around inside the casing.

Upon contacting and sending them pictures and video's of the dammage they wanted to see a picture of my cirquitbreaker (which is an ABB 40 Amp. cirquitbreaker). To my great surprise Banggood claims the problem is my cirquit breaker and that it needs to be at least 63 Amp. This is in contradiction to the specifications on their site, and to Sunkko recommendations (I've forwarded a mail from sunkko stating 40 Amp should be enough)
. This has been going on for about 10 mails with their custommer service and it seems i'm down about 160 euro's and have nothing.

Reason for me posting this is to warn you not to make the same mistake as I did when ordering this Sunkko at Banggood. Instead considder ordering an arduino-based option which can be cheaper as well.

For instance: ... lt-kit-v3/

Have a good build!

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Re: Sunkko 737G and buying at

Post by Tolkano » Feb 23 2019 8:12pm

Yeah never order from banggood their support is complete shit

I tried to cancel an order about 10 minutes after ordering and their support said they couldn't cancel it because it had already been shipped but i didnt get the shipping confirmation until about 6 hours later :roll:

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Re: Sunkko 737G and buying at

Post by BotoXbz » Feb 23 2019 9:00pm

I always pay with PayPal at Chinese places (except for AliExpress, they don't offer it but their support is quite good) which didn't let me down so far and also has a program where they'll pay for your shipping costs if you want to return an item.
But obviously the Battery + FET bank welders are muuuch better and way more reliable so good you bought one of those (got the malectrics myself)
Hopefully you can still get your money back or at least fix the Sunkko.

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Re: Sunkko 737G and buying at

Post by tsellers » Jun 15 2020 12:59am

After reading this I can add a couple of thoughts.

The Malectrics option that Paul mentions is a very good choice, that's what I did.

I've heard from some that live where there is 220-240V mains power that they have used Sunko units successfully. It's not really feasible to use one in North America where the mains is 120V and an outlet is typically 15 amps.
Regards, John

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