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BPM 36V 500W 26(10)

Posted: Mar 20 2021 7:50pm
by rakos
I bought am electric bike in pieces. It came with the BPM rear hub motor, and a Yiyun YK31C controller. Is this the right combination? The motor has 3 wires going to it so I assume it is 3 phase, but the controller has ony 2, (Y, Bu). If not what is the proper controller/ Thanks, John

Re: BPM 36V 500W 26(10)

Posted: Mar 20 2021 10:14pm
by amberwolf
AFAIK that Yiyun is a brushed controller, but that motor is a brushless. So you need a different controller.

If the motor has 5 or 6 small wires as well as three thick ones, then it probably has hall sensors, and you can use a sensored or a sensorless controller. If it only has three thick ones, you need a sensorless controller.

Before choosing one, some info on what you want to use the bike for would be helpful, so we can also make sure you get the right battery and any other parts you need.

Things like required range, max and cruising speed, terrain to be ridden on, wind conditions, road or path conditions, traffic (stop/start) or not, total expected weight, riding style (slow acceleration, or hard takeoffs from a stop, etc). Whether you want pedal control of power, or only throttle, or both, things like that.