Overvolting Bafang m420

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Overvolting Bafang m420

Post by Cooker » Mar 22 2021 10:53am

Hi guys, I hope someone could help me. I have braded ebike with bafang m420 motor. It's locked. I cannot overwrite settings. Since it's not posible to change wheel diameter or speed limit i thought that maybe hardware change can bring some more power to the engine. It comes with 36V battery. I saw some specs on the web of this motor and it looks like the controller can handle different types of battery Up to 52V althought I'm not sure if mine one can, but it's probably universal. Is it?
My question is, is it a good idea to upgrade the battery from 36V to 48V? Is it safe? Will this bring me more power?
Thank you for any tips

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Re: Overvolting Bafang m420

Post by AngryBob » Apr 02 2021 5:07am

Here is a tip.

If you cannot supply any useful information, it is extremely unlikely that you will get any useful answers.

Identifying the "brade" of the bike, meaning the company which implemented the restrictions you are trying to circumvent, would be a useful first step.

An educated guess would be that you will need a replacement controller and display, and perhaps someone else to choose and install it for you.
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Re: Overvolting Bafang m420

Post by fatty » Apr 02 2021 2:00pm

Agreed, this post is unclear.

You tried using the "Bafang Configuration Tool" and the settings were locked?

The motor is available in/configurable for 36/43/48V, not 52V. Try 48V -- if it doesn't trigger HVC, it will indeed be faster and you can downshift for more torque.
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