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Supposedly E06-Undervoltage

Posted: Mar 29 2021 7:26am
by honzapat
recently I ordered this ... 37704F5wfG
The wiring for some reason is a bit different(the yellow and black wires are split see my picture)
I connected the motor wires, battery and screen.
Powered up and the screen showed error 07
So I started the self learning,
Connected wires powered up, wrong direction disconnected reconnected, right direction, disconnected turned off.
Turned on, now it doesnt show any error, but when I pull the trigger it still doesnt work.
Note that in the self learning mode when I change the gear it goes to the E06 state.
Can it be something else or actually the battery?(Like the battery is DIY 2x 12V in series units and they are only half an year old)

Re: Supposedly E06-Undervoltage

Posted: Mar 31 2021 9:26am
by AngryBob
You describe two messages, one "error 07" and the other "E06". These are very different, and should be more similar. Clarify.

You describe while in self-learning what appears to be the motor rotating, possibly in response to throttle commands. Clarify, also verify it still does this.

In reference to the above, please clarify what exactly is meant by "it doesn't work".

Check the actual output voltage of the battery with a Digital voltmeter, and look for settings for your Low Voltage Cutoff and other battery parameters, which should be present on a variable voltage controller.

Re: Supposedly E06-Undervoltage

Posted: Apr 01 2021 6:19am
by honzapat
Ok, so I solved the e-06, or atleast get it out of the equation as I connected the controller straight to the charger.
The problem is basically narrowed down to.
Motor spins in self-learning mode, but when I disconnect the wires and restart the controller. Pulling the throttle does nothing.