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Sabvoton 72150 & batteries

Posted: Mar 31 2021 4:08am
by MartyMcfly1
Hi all,

I'm currently running a sabvoton 72150 with li-po batteries. Four battery packs total which are the multi-star brand from Hobby King:

X3 6s 22.2v 10,000mah 12c
X1 4s 14.8v 10,000mah 12c

Totaling 22s and 81.4v nominal (3.7v per cell) full charge 92.4v (4.2v per cell). No issues.

I'm looking to upgrade to Tattu batteries 10ah which are rated at 25c discharge. My questions is, can I run 24s on this bike, using four packs of 6s? I know voltage cutoff is between 95v-100v with sabvoton.

If I didnt charge up to full capacity, it should allow me to run 24s? Sabvoton is linked to Cycle Analyst V3 with shunt & temp sensor. I'm using the CA to restrict the amps & power. If I can't run 24s, I'll stick to 22s which I'm currently running.

I'm assuming the only restriction I have is the voltage cutoff, mosfet limits of the Sabvoton as opposed to number of cells in series?

Appreciate any help.