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Please help. Thought i had it covered. GMAC baserunner and Battery issues on custom build

Posted: Apr 02 2021 5:42am
by stevewells
Good Morning ES Folks.
Hoping someone can help me resolve a few issues completely caused by myself.
Background. Built several rear hub mtn bikes, last one was a mac that was great. So i thought id do another using the gmac motor from (im in the UK)

So. (and to repeat this is all my own fault)

I didn't order a battery as I was hoping to use 2 x 6s lipos, which I ordered locally.

Problem 1 The baserunner controller I was going to fit in a saddle bag under the saddle, as I did in my previous mac build, but the main cable connecting the wheel to the controller is about 20cm too short. as its expected to be in battery downtube

Problem 2. My 6s liop batteries don't fit in their bottles as planned, despite measuring twice (about 4mm too wide) so I'm stuck with 2 useless unreturnable batteries. and no power source.

So...initially I was going to ask if anyone was able to supply an extension lead (30cm) between the wheel and controller. with the L10 plugs on. BUT..... with hindsight, perhaps i am better off just ordering the battery and mount that i should have ordered with the kit, that will house my baserunner controller with the short lead, and resolve my lack of battery problems.

I understand this is going to mean more shipping costs, but honestly I was about ready to burst into tears yesterday, when i realised how much time and money i've wasted trying to be slightly different.

Anyway, now I've finished beating myself up, and before i'm divorced lol. I am hoping to find a battery solution for me, that will fit on the downtube as expected that also takes the basreunner controller in its housing
looking for 48-52v and around 13ah.
Will also need to be shipped to the uk :-( .
( I assume i cant buy a battery with baserunner fittings/space in the uk anywhere?) (be handy if i could, but i'm scared to buy something else that doesn't fit, so would rather get one shipped than buy the wrong thing, again..)

This is the one i believe i should have ordered - Hailong-03 enclsoure in a 52V 16.5Ah(14s 5p)
But with 2nd lot of air freight its gonna cost a fortune. so any other battery options that will also have fitment for baserunner controller

Hope that all made sense, sorry if i rambled on.
Look forward to hearing from you

Hailong batteries and baserunner controller

Posted: Apr 02 2021 6:27am
by stevewells
To cut a long story short I believe I need a Hailong downtube battery to house my baserunner controller from grin technologies..

If i buy a hailong battery in the uk, will it have the slot for the baserunner, and anywhere in particular that sells them in the uk that are trustworthy and knowledgeable if i wanted to talk to someone .


preffered Hailong 3 packs UK

Posted: Apr 02 2021 11:50am
by stevewells
evening all,
so spent all day looking at hailong 3 packs 48v 14.5 ah.
seems to be between

upp 48V 14.5AH PanasonicCell @ £385 shipped from germany

looked at pedalease who do
48V 15Ah Hailong lithium li-ion e-bike battery Samsung 29E cell for £315, but not best reviews on line, but in the uk.

last choices were green cell, not much cell info, or bespov.
running on a gmac 10t hub motor and baserunner l10 controller 40 amps nom 80 amps max

def not as much choice in the uk as usual