G310 + Grinfinoon controller problems

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G310 + Grinfinoon controller problems

Post by alfy22 » May 20 2021 3:43am

Im having issues with my e-bike build and G310 motor. I have a Grinfinion 20A controller and my build is set up with pedal assist. I use my ebike as a daily commuter and everything had been working great going on 3 years, but now when I pedal, the motor just shudders and then I lose all power. I have ruled out battery and PAS issues. Checked controller mosfets for shorts and that all seems ok although the resistance on one phase wire was less than the others, around 2kohm. I assumed this was ok or could this be an issue?
I disassembled the motor and noticed what looked like a bit of corrosion on the stator and coils - nothing major, see pictures - a bit of white oxidation on the outside and rust on the inside of the coil casing. otherwise everything looked ok including hall sensors.

Could water have damaged the motor - any way I can confirm the motor is fried and its nothing else? Could this be the issue and is it fixable/replaceable or do I need to replace the entire motor? I live in Norway and use the bike year round in pretty harsh conditions- rain, snow, salted roads etc so it would not surprise me but expected it to last longer…

Thanks for any help
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Re: G310 + Grinfinoon controller problems

Post by pwd » May 20 2021 8:01am

Have you tested the motor's hall sensors? Do you have a throttle you can test the motor + controller with?
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Re: G310 + Grinfinoon controller problems

Post by TommyCat » May 20 2021 8:52am

You may find this thread on how to check your BLDC motor's windings and hall sensors helpful...

Testing BLDC motor's Phase Wiring - Hall Sensors and Wiring.

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