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carrera motor /controller problem

Posted: Sep 06 2021 12:12am
by micmav
My Carrera vengeance has a mind of its own... When I turn it on it either puts power on for 8seconds or 8mins or up to the length of my journey.
Mind it is only powering 2 of the 3phases of the motor and has been doing this for some time. I have checked the wires going in to the axle and not found any fault of a broken wire. I concluded that it might be one of the hall effect sensors but I don't know what they look like.. Transistors? There's 3 of them spaced 120 degrees around the board but I don't want to unsolder the board off if I don't have to or at least till I know what I'm dealing with for definite.Especially cos its a sealed 9 pin plug with no access to place any multimeter probes to prod in and check when it is running!!
This said is it my controller that's at fault?
It never comes on the same way as to when I last switched it off its a kind of hit'n'hope affair with it.
If one mosfet is broken would that cause my motor to only power up 2 phases oh and cause a mechanically horrible noise of which I've read about elsewhere ?
I've had it apart numerous times other than actually desoldering the wires off it but all to no avail.
After the chain coming off and cutting through the sensor wires which I fixed I've since replaced the torque sensor and understand exactly how that works, way too fussy for mountain bikes in my opinion with mud and water etc.
Can anyone on here help me either fix it or what I need to get bearing in mind I'm very low/limited on funds and can't afford to buy things just to check If this will work or If that will. Thankyou all in advance, for any and all opinions that just might get me back on the road properly and even illegally if it can get that little bit of extra umph...!?!?

Re: carrera motor /controller problem

Posted: Sep 09 2021 5:31pm
by Greendog
when you say checked motor wires do mean with a multi meter set to continuity/ohms, ?
wondering about controller placement as one fix could be buy a sensorless controller that would work if the current one fried and if a hall broken,
if phase wires all good that is, could up power a bit same time depending on battery BMS ,maybe would loose torque sense bottom bracket if thats whats on there, thought they have cadence pas sensor though ,would need do bit of own wiring , did the problem start when chain cut wire? :D if it were my bike I'd slap a 52v battery on it and cheap 1500w kit not legal but fun 8)

Re: carrera motor /controller problem

Posted: Sep 14 2021 11:17pm
by micmav
Thankyou for your input... No motor fine after fixing the sensor wires. Phase problem seemed to occur after I turned it upside-down and put oil on the cassette, though not in the electrics. Which I checked with a multimeter set on ohms and I've tried so many times to eliminate different bits n pieces but as I said all to avail. I have come to the conclusion its got to be a couple of fried fets but that means dismantling the controller and digging out all the resin around the electrics then trying to establish If and which ones are at fault.
I have got another Carrera controller with chopped wires but I'm reluctant to swap it when I'm not absolutely sure that firstly it actually works and secondly that I have to cut the wires on mine and resolder the other one on. Plus I'm bearing in mind that the Carrera supposed to be a handshake system and I don't know if the controller will work with my motor as a straight swap? All this is being taken into consideration as I contemplate my next move...
Hence why I'm trying to get some pointers about what could be the best way forward...
Anyone got the answers I so desperately need please feel free to divulge them.
Thanks again in advance to all.
BTW police in Liverpool UK aren't great fans of 1500 watt motors on pedal bikes. They're having a wonderful time relieving us all of these expensive machines and crushing them, a few of my friends and I have already lost a couple of our pride and joys to this form of harassment without any sign of a court order or compensation !!