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Re: SURVEY: Your watts at various speeds

Posted: Sep 12 2019 11:00am
by Marc S.
Watts at:
20km/h - 62W - 3.1Wh/km
30km/h - 98W - 3.3Wh/km
40km/h - 152W - 3.8Wh/km
50km/h - 208W - 4.2Wh/km
60km/h - 323W - 5.4Wh/km
70km/h - 441W - 6.3Wh/km
80km/h - 563W - 7.0Wh/km
90km/h - 731W - 8.1Wh/km

With 75W of human power it looks like this:
30km/h - 23W - 0.8Wh/km
40km/h - 60W - 1.5Wh/km
50km/h - 150W - 3.0Wh/km
60km/h - 216W - 3.6Wh/km
70km/h - 360W - 4.8Wh/km
80km/h - 497W - 6.2Wh/km
90km/h - 654W - 7.3Wh/km

I used the Motor Simulator to calculate these figures, but its pretty close to the figures on my CAv3 at these speeds.
In city traffic with frequent stop and go, consumption can easily go up to 12Wh/km when riding at around 50km/h.

Milan GT Mk2 velomobile with hood: CdA 0.04 (R├Ąderwerk measured 0.0368 in 'race trim', without mirrors and closed visor)
Motor: Bafang CST code 10 in 26" rim
Motor controller: Phaserunner v1
Battery: two older 10s/10p Sony Konion US18650v3 packs (about 1.3kWh capacity)
Charger: two Satiator 4808
Lights: Highsider Dual Stream, Kellermann Bullet 1000 (rear/brake/indicator lights), consumes 20W
Gears: Patterson Metropolis 2-speed, 42t chainring (67t in overdrive), 9-speed Shimano 105, 11-36t cassette
Brakes: water-cooled 90mm Sturmey Archer drum brakes at the front, 160mm brake disk at the rear
Tires: Maxxis DTH 39-406 at the front, Schwalbe Big Ben 50-559 at the rear


Re: SURVEY: Your watts at various speeds

Posted: Sep 15 2019 6:20am
by Cephalotus
The Milan numbers are very cool.

Sadly a legal 45km/h version is not available.

Direct drive with regen would be preferable imho to use regenerative braking and for less noise inside this hull and for the option to move backwards using the motor drive.
But a DD limited to 25km/h with motor drag above 25km/h does not sound attractive to me....

Re: SURVEY: Your watts at various speeds

Posted: Sep 16 2019 2:17am
by Marc S.
Yeah, I've got a MXUS 3005RC DD hub 'just in case' waiting to get laced-up, but I'm still not entirely sure if it finds its way into the Milan. The new features of the Phaserunner could take care of the motor drag, though. I'll have to see how the Bafang CST will hold-up on my new commute.