How many of us wear glasses while riding?

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How often do I wear eye protection while riding?

Do contact lenses count?
Less than 50% of the time
About 50% of the time
Pretty much all the time but I might skip it every now and then.
Are you kidding me? Getting blinded that one time was enough. I wear them every time I ride - no exceptions.
Total votes: 156

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Re: How many of us wear glasses while riding?

Post by Drunkskunk » Sep 13 2014 11:16am

The fingers wrote:Helmet and glasses couldn't help this guy. :shock: ... o-kill-me/
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Re: How many of us wear glasses while riding?

Post by kmxtornado » Jun 29 2015 4:28pm

Yes, they look like safety glasses which they are (but not the beefy chemist looking ones), but they're cheap at Harbor Freight Tools for those of you that live near one. Just thought I'd throw that in here as an alternative to Home Depot or Lowes.
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Re: How many of us wear glasses while riding?

Post by DrInnovation » Jul 21 2015 11:36am

I wear glassess to see so except for boarding and scbuba they are always on. Luckly we don't have many bugs in Colorado so I've never been bugged on my ebike.. but back in PA on a motorcycle it was full face all the time, or get welts from the bugs.
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Re: How many of us wear glasses while riding?

Post by Markk786 » Jul 29 2017 7:38pm

It depends on the situation,place and climate.....
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