Your Whours for kms

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Eskimo   10 kW

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Re: Your Whours for kms

Post by Eskimo » May 24 2015 7:57am

I rarely ride over 20mph continiously. Usually around 15mph continious with some occasional sprints on 25mph. If the road is flat without headwind and good i might cruise at 20-22mph.
Cruiser: 9-10wh per kilometre
Velomobile: 10-12wh per kilometre.

Usual figures. Sometimes i let it rip a bit if i can burn electrons without range anxiety.
Cruiser consumes really lot if i keep 25mph constantly. Something like 3Ah per 10km.
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Spanglo   10 mW

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Re: Your Whours for kms

Post by Spanglo » Aug 12 2015 2:58pm

New to ebikes, and I could use some help figuring out usage.

Is it possible to figure watt hours from start and end voltage?

On my 19.7 mile commute to work, the starting voltage of my 12S 6.6A pack was 49.2V. Arrived at work and the pack measured 45.4V. The controller is set to 20A. Is that enough info to make a calculation, or do I need a watt meter?

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Re: Your Whours for kms

Post by nicobie » Feb 21 2016 2:59pm

Over all my 2016 Volt will go 4 miles per kWh.

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Matador   10 kW

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Re: Your Whours for kms

Post by Matador » Oct 23 2016 2:51pm

BBSHD on a 14S9P Lithium cobalt made of old laptop 18650 that heat up like hell.
Bike : 700C wheels, 46T chainring, 14T rear gear, tyres to 70 PSI, bike weight (with motor kit and battery) 67 lbs, me 155 lbs

Did 17 km with 524 Whr averaging 28 km/h (lot of wind in my face because riding on the border of saint-laurent river)

So that's 31 Whs/km on a BBSHD

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Re: Your Whours for kms

Post by John in CR » Jul 10 2017 12:31am

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He missed that your more than half the power to get to 20 was coming from your legs and thought you were going light on the throttle during acceleration.

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