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Re: Were you a bicycle person before you got into E-bikes??

Posted: Jul 06 2019 7:44pm
by ZeroEm
Had a bike about half my life, not all at one time. Rode everywhere until 15 and started driving. grew up around mechanics so played with fast cars and 4X4 trucks. would always get a bicycle and ride, rode to work for a few years 30 mile round trip. wanted a Voltswagon for years so now own a Nissan leaf totally love EVs. So this year I decided to start moving away from cars, took a hard look at my 10yr old $5 bicycle and thought I could do better. Now my first year with the EV bug I have Two trikes and three two wheelers. Need to come clean one trike if for my mother, the one with a big basket in back. Yesterday rode my electric tadpole trike for the first time 7 miles and went out this morning and did 11.5 miles. Going out in the morning with my mother trike-ing.

So bikes have not been my main focus but now they are, we will see if it lasts.

Re: Were you a bicycle person before you got into E-bikes??

Posted: Sep 15 2019 7:05pm
by hypertoric_amplituhedron
I am a fit cyclist who discovered ebikes 3 years ago. I started by commuting on my 40lb mtb in Redmond, WA, by riding to RHS which was only 1.2 miles away, back in 1998. After school, I would take off on a 30 mile adventure, just about every day, regardless of weather. Fast forward to 2003, I was forced into driving by my parents, who bought me a truck. I did the reverse rebellion thing towards driving. I never needed a car, I had my bike, and I was relatively rich because of it.

I have always wanted an ebike, the whole time I rode. I always wanted to go faster and farther, which kept me in very good shape. I never cared about the workout, at all, ever. It was the escape, the adventure that I wanted. Ebikes allowed me to do that, years later after my legs 'atrophied' from too much driving and computer games. I needed to get back out there again. And, so I did!

Also, having been a performance car nut, the ebikes gave me a much more affordable, sustainable, and far more enjoyable outlet for my need for speed and power. No matter how many times I stomped the gas pedal, I always was worried about tickets and reckless driving points, which never happened because of my constant fear of it. I got away with all of it, in the 7 years I had that car. Now I can have as much fun as I want, and no one knows what's going on. No more built 383 ci race engine wrapping up to 7,000 rpm with open cutouts.