Poll: How tight is your grip pressure?

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How tight is your grip pressure?

like a feather
death grip
Total votes: 9

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Poll: How tight is your grip pressure?

Post by GCinDC » Jan 14 2016 9:34am

I've been curious lately how tightly folks grip the handlbars when riding. Please respond to the poll and feel free to comment.

Is a tight grip always best, in case you hit an unexpected bump/pothole, where a loose grip could result in losing the grip and falling?

Does your grip pressure vary for commuting and mountain biking? If you race (track or mtb), I'd love to especially hear from you? :twisted:

How many fingers do you have on the brakes?

Do you have drops or bar?

Do you wear gloves, and if so what kind, in winter and summer?
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Re: Poll: How tight is your grip pressure?

Post by MrDude_1 » Jan 14 2016 9:42am

If you deathgrip the bars, you dont have control. Lighter is better. The only pressure should be what you're trying to input.

unless you're riding one of those racing bikes with drop bars.. then I have no idea, they sure look funny as I pass them. Looks like they have all their upper body weight on their wrists.
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Re: Poll: How tight is your grip pressure?

Post by Leebolectric » Jan 14 2016 10:21am

As the song goes..."hold on loosely, but don't let go..."
..."if ya squeeze to tightly...you're gone loose contoooool!"
Loose hands, knees BENT, elbows OUT, pointer finger on brake lever. eyes FORWARD.
The moment before an impact or technical move, may tighten hands momentarily.

The looser your grip (within reason) means your blood circulation flows free.
When you grip tightly, your muscles in your forearm and hands will fill up with blood...
...if that blood dos not escape freely...you get soreness and "hand and arm pump".
Also known as "chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS)"
Motocross riders get "arm pump" so bad...they often get surgery, to remove the casing of the muscle.
I've even heard of surgery to move the tendons and veins to the outside of the muscle, so that the the pumped up muscle wont compress those veins.

crazy stuff. :P
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Re: Poll: How tight is your grip pressure?

Post by The fingers » Jan 14 2016 11:37am

I have a very weak grip strength anyway due to wrist and thumb issues; if I need to rest some weight on the bar I just lean on my palms briefly, or use the opportunity to stretch my hand a little bit. :wink:
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