Co-Create the Future of EVs

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Co-Create the Future of EVs

Post by mirko.bahrenberg » Nov 21 2016 10:32am

Co-Create the future of electric cars!

We are searching for creative people to join us in our innovation workshop in London on 3rd of December.

The workshop will be around all kind if topics regarding electric cars and services for electric cars and will be organized by the innovation agency HYVE and a German car manufacturer.
For details just check the attached PDF.
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Re: Co-Create the Future of EVs

Post by LockH » Nov 21 2016 10:53am

From those details:
Are you interested in new developments in the field of electric cars?
 Are you thinking of buying or currently driving an electric car?
 Did you have any experiences with authorised service centres or dealers?
 Are you open for some innovative thinking and creative sessions in the field of electric cars?
Just to set some parameters perhaps:
"List of car-free places":

List doesn't yet include cities like Oslo in Norway, London UK, etc... but more cities are moving towards areas that are "car free".

MY current "electric car" (still needs conversion) is a recumbent trike that weighs about 50 pounds... One question? If EVerybuddy owned and operated a "car" (several - empty - seats plus lots of -empty- cargo space, large, heavy, designed to go much faster than most urban roads) how would that look?
ES changed my life (for the waaaaay better).

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Re: Co-Create the Future of EVs

Post by Dauntless » Nov 21 2016 1:14pm

So when two driverless cars get in an accident, who will file the police report?
Any sufficiently advanced technology is INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM MAGIC!
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Re: Co-Create the Future of EVs

Post by amberwolf » Nov 22 2016 2:17am

Dauntless wrote:So when two driverless cars get in an accident, who will file the police report?

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Re: Co-Create the Future of EVs

Post by Warren » Nov 22 2016 10:08am

The list of carless places includes the downtown mall in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Like many such spaces, it is sort of a Disney version of a city. All the businesses needed for real life moved out years ago, replaced by restaurants,and boutiques. Even then, the pressure to put car crossings back in was irresistable. We are a nation of blobs, riding around inside our motorized exoskeletons.

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