Open source multi RC motors electronic control

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So now I'm here to survey how many of ES users can be interested in something like described:

I would like to use a system like this
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I can contribute to the develop
I'm not interested
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Open source multi RC motors electronic control

Post by Torg » Nov 29 2016 6:07am

Hi everyone!
First of all, thank to all the support of the endless-sphere community, you made my dream come true.
I'm the creator of Revolt ( I didn't reach the goal but was a big success, I found some investors ready to put all the money but the price to pay is to lose the control on the product.
So I'm thinking a different way to continue the develop, I would like to put everything online in an open source - open hardware community. Probably paramotor pilots skilled in electronic and programming are not enough but probably the software/electronics I'm developing can be useful even for e-riders.
Especially after seen some extreme multi motor build (look at the 42kw setup
Personally I think that multi motors have vantages than the single motor setup. Because is modular, cheaper and phisically convenient.

So this are the main goals for the electronic/software:
-from 1 to 8 sectors (sector is battery+esc+motor)
-for each sector monitor battery temperature, current, voltage for each cell, rpm
-configurable with custom maximum voltage, minimum voltage, maximum voltage drop (IR), constant current, peak current, maximum time for peak current etc...
-display everything on the smartphone

Until here it everything is done and it works, I would like to develop:

-the software analyze the value and give you alarm if something is going not well
-after some time, if you don't reduce the power or something, the software will reduce the power automatically
-make impossible to arm the motors or limit the power if the IR is too much (batteries gone)
-(open to any feature request)
App interface for 4 sectors
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