Making your charging experience better

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Making your charging experience better

Post by ThimTheStudent » Feb 06 2017 3:20am

Hi all EV enthusiasts!
We are five engineering students from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
We are conducting a study on how mobile applications could help in your daily life as an EV owner.

Please answer the form and participate in making the future better for EV owners. There are only 6 questions and only 1 where you have to write something yourself.

SURVEY HERE! --> <--

Thank you very much for you time.

Best Regards,
Thim Lohse

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Re: Making your charging experience better

Post by ewinters » Feb 06 2017 1:44pm


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Re: Making your charging experience better

Post by amberwolf » Feb 07 2017 3:11am

Post the survey *here* in this thread and you would be more likely to get takers.

Otherwise, we have no reason to bother, since no one that comes here to post surveys ever comes back to tell us the results, or otherwise participate in the forums.

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