To part out or sell whole?

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To part out or sell whole?

Post by Grizzl-E » Apr 27 2017 8:43pm

In the opinion of the forum, when moving on and disposing of ebikes or parts, can you generally recover more value by parting out and selling the components or selling finished bikes?

I know this is very broad, but I've found unless im building a bike specifically for someone, it seems hard to recover value from a complete bike.

Thanks for your opinions!!!
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Re: To part out or sell whole?

Post by flat tire » Apr 27 2017 8:57pm

You can make a lot more money selling it whole but it has to be a ready-to-go system with no fuckery required by the user and you also have to do the work of finding someone who both wants it and can afford it. The reason you can make more money this way is you can mark up all the parts. When selling individual parts you count your luck on how great your LOSS is.

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