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Post by ScooterMan101 » Jun 13 2021 2:40am

I can see allot is happening with you health wise AW, , Since this is a thread about moving threads into categories I will post short answers/suggestions .

Did you have fires and / or bad smog in the Phoenix area last summer ? Many people in California had long term problems with their lungs for many months due to all the particulates in the Air .
Also many people had Covid 19 but did not know it , thinking they only had a cold or flu but are suffering from what is now being called Covid 19 long haul , they are referred to as long haulers by the Medical Community that has an interest in studying the long term effects of Covid 19 . Lung Problems and trouble breathing is one of the long haul symptoms .
A Covid 19 Antibody test would be helpful .

Regarding joint pain , inflammation is almost always a key player with that problem .

I would think that Phoenix has a Ability to Pay program at your hospital that handles mostly people on Medicare , the challenging part for you is finding a good enough Primary Care Doctor , such a Doctor is very hard to find here in California when going to the " Poor People's " Medical Centers , meaning the places that take medicare and your state's medicade program .
Getting on the Ability to Pay , or another similar program could cost you very little or even no out of pocket payment depending on your yearly salary .

Then there is the subject of Nutrition , and an over active brain , too much to go into here .

Coffee and Chocolate make things worse for anyone who is suffering from health problems/challanges .

amberwolf wrote:
Mar 05 2021 12:28am

Unfortunately, unless you can tell me how to force all of the many other people I have to deal with every day to do their jobs, do even the slightest bit of common-sense stuff, have even the slightest bit of courtesy towards others, pay attention to the world around them, and give a crap about anyone but themselves, then there isn't anything you can do. That's the primary reason I am so tired--I have to do everything they simply won't do, in order to be able to do my own job, or live my own life.

Then once I finally get to bed, I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about all the stuff I'm going to have to do the next day, week, month, etc., that I shouldn't have to do...but have no choice in, if I am to continue doing what I need to. When i do sleep, the nightmares (which you don't want to hear about) that I always have from stress wake me up and then keep me from going back to sleep for anywhere from a while to at all.

Though they are much much less of an issue than the first problem, the other primary problems I have are simply being unable to get enough air whenever I'm doing much more than sitting there, and I don't think anyone can help with that, either--pretty sure that's permanent damage from whatever I had last spring/summer when it started. And my joints and bones, which are following in the rest of my family history's footsteps and hurting more and more every year. Since the first problem, along with general living, ensures I must always do much much much more than just sit there, and I can either choose to save up for hopeful eventual retirement (rather than working retail or something similar the rest of my life) or pay for medical "care" and "insurance" that is unlikely to actually help (based on everything the rest of my family has gone thru) not much to do about these except endure them.

Life isn't all bad--especially since I always have the dogs (Yogi, Kirin, Jelly, right now)...but right now, and for the last year, there's enough bad that it makes it hard to have energy or time to do anything with or about the other parts. :(
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