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paid help designing an emtb :)

Posted: Jun 07 2021 5:43pm
by jared
hey everyone, i need help designing an e-mtb. i'm basically starting from scratch, don't have a bike, need to buy all of it. this is what i'm looking for:

- full suspension
- 750-1000w non-hub motor
- 20-ish Ah battery
- throttle + PAS
- great for climbing 5+ miles hills without overheating
- top speed doesn't need to be super high, 30mph or so

i need a recommendation about the best bike to buy and all the parts needed to put it together. there are so many little variables i need someone to look into and figure out all the requirements for little spacers and connectors and everything. my budget for the finished bike is $4k so i'm looking for a used bike to start.

i have an electric cargo bike that i built from scratch (xtracycle frame, GMAC hub motor, 16ah 52v battery), so i think i can put it all together myself if someone has done the detailed analysis of what i need to buy.

if that sounds like fun, i'm happy to pay a reasonable price for the help! thank you!

Re: paid help designing an emtb :)

Posted: Jun 07 2021 7:24pm
by RunForTheHills
You could just order a Frey AM1000. It will meet all your requirements and be under your budget. It takes a while to get it though. ... 09431.html

MTA: My understanding is the programming of the controller was initially rough, but there is a new configuration/tuning that solves that problem. Before that people were getting big improvements to efficiency and smoothness by upgrading to the controller from Watt Wagons. ... fang-ultra

Re: paid help designing an emtb :)

Posted: Jun 10 2021 10:23am
by jared
runforthehills - great idea. i reached out to them and wattwagons, both look great. thanks for the suggestion!