Soft errors with STM32

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Soft errors with STM32

Post by StoliZ » Nov 26 2021 6:16am

Soft errors with STM32
After starting the program errors appear:
Derate – tpmhsmax , = which means heatsink temerature reached 85°C.
Precharge Stop , = after 5s of UDCSW was not reached.
Desat Stop , = desat pin went low
What shell I improve to remove the errors.

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Re: Soft errors with STM32

Post by amberwolf » Nov 26 2021 8:21pm

We'll need more information to troubleshoot the problem.

What specific STM32 hardware system are you using? Is this an existing system, or something you are developing from scratch?

What software are you using? Is this existing software, or something you are developing yourself from scratch?

What is it being used for?

What hardware is connected to it for the pins giving the errors?
If you found this advice helpful, supporting contributions are accepted here.

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Re: Soft errors with STM32

Post by StoliZ » Dec 01 2021 6:32am

Hallo Amberwolf,
Thank You for the time and efforts to tackle with my faults.
The controller board I am using is bought as DO IT YOURSELF package .
It is based on Olimex STM32-H103 processor board,with preinstalled software.:
• 8 digital 12V inputs (cruise, start, brake, motor protection, forward, reverse, emergency stop, BMS HVC/LVC)
• 3 analog 3.3V inputs (motor temp, throttle, throttle redundance/regen adjust)
• Encoder input and diode output for motor speed measurement (single channel, quadrature or quadrature with index pulse)
• 5 digital open collector outputs (main contactor, error, under/over voltage, precharge, brake light)
• 1 PWM output for temperature display or motor speed
• Integrated buck converter with an input voltage range of 7-26V
• 3 complementary PWM signals 3.3V, 8mA for driving the inverter bridge
• Isolated bus voltage measurement
• inductive phase current measurement for 2 phases
• Heat sink temperature measurement
• Serial TTL level communication for configuration and monitoring tied to a Wifi module
• CAN communication
Hardware shutdown on: motor protection switch, emergency stop, over current (programmable trip.
The software features:
• Control of motor slip and flux according to throttle input
• Regenerative Braking with multiple levels and modes
• Cruise Control
• Charge Mode (using motor as inductor)
• Web interface for configuration, monitoring and firmware upgrade
• Customizable CAN communication and CANOpen SDO support
• Various test modes for installation phase
• Control of precharge and main contactor
The Controller board is meant to work with Toyota Prius Gen2 Inverter and drive the attached motor.In my case I am using one MEIDEN PMSynchronos 60Kw motor. A car-battery array is supplying 110V DC to the motor and the controller board.
When switched on to for test run , errors appear im programm window: (DERATE-tmphsma; Precharge stop ; Desat stop ).
Prior to this arrangement I used a Sevcon controller Gen4Size8 to drive the motor, but received also fault message : WIRE OFF detected.
After monath spent in wiring ,rewiring,soldering,mesearing I decided to work with the Toyota Prius Inverter for better.

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