Whats wrong? Wheel build n00b

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Whats wrong? Wheel build n00b

Post by HrKlev » Jun 10 2021 1:53pm

Hi, guys.

I had a MXUS xf40 30h motor with a 28" chinese wheel, and figured I would put it to use an try to learn how to build up a wheel on the way. So I ordered a 24" crystalyte rim and some spokes. I have attached the calculator screenshot and a picture of the wheel. I used 135mm 13/14 ga Sapim spokes.

The spot where the spokes meet the nipples does not look good in my eyes. The nipples will not align correctly, and I guess they will break quite soon if I run it like this? I have tightened them to the point they "feel" like my other prebuilt wheels I have on my other bikes, but it does not look right.

Will this be better when I start using the bike, or disaster?
Should I have used a zero cross pattern?
Something else?
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Re: Whats wrong? Wheel build n00b

Post by e-beach » Jun 10 2021 7:20pm

Looks to me like the spoke eyelets don't let your spokes align with the spoke nipples. Are those 14 guage spokes?

It may be a function of the rim you chose, or lacing pattern.

I have seen where some people file the eyelets to allow for better alignment.

As for your build, I doubt it will break apart.

PM Chalo and ask him politely if he has an opinion. He is incredible with this kind of question. Ask to have the answer posted here.

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Re: Whats wrong? Wheel build n00b

Post by Chalo » Jun 10 2021 8:14pm

The holes in the rim you have are too tightly fitted to allow the nipples to come in line with the spokes. You can fix this in one of a couple of ways. Unfortunately, you will have to unlace the wheel.

One way is to take a pencil and mark the direction each spoke leaves the rim (which direction it tilts). Then get a drill bit the size of the holes, put it in a drill, and use it to tilt the holes. Put the drill through the hole and then lean it over slowly while it's spinning. In this way you will trim the corners of the rim hole that are restricting the nipples' angle.

Another way is to drill all the rim holes about 1mm larger than they are now, and rebuild the wheel with a conical nipple washer under each nipple head.
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I hope you didn't pay very much to get that Crystalyte rim, because the rims they use are quite cheaply made and crude. Now that you have it though, it's probably worth using anyway.
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Re: Whats wrong? Wheel build n00b

Post by HrKlev » Jun 11 2021 2:13am

Oh, well. That sucked a bit, but thanks a lot for the answers! I will trim the holes like Chalo suggested. On the bright side I will have twice the experience in wheel building when I am finished. 😁

I dont think I have the patience to do it before I go for a test-ride, though.... Too curious on how these large dd hub motor rides. Hopefully it will not be instant spoke disaster.
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Re: Whats wrong? Wheel build n00b

Post by dogman dan » Jun 11 2021 4:45am

Should be fine for a test ride, depending on your weight.

While far from the best solution, I'd be real tempted to unlace each spoke one at at time, and put a slight bend in each spoke about a quarter inch above where the threads start. Not a huge bend, just about 10 degrees. You did start out with a good spoke.

You can try this with just one spoke, see if it works. Even if you run the spoke washers, you can just do two spokes at a time, with the wheel on the bike.

I would not do this for a pedicab, or a person that weighs more than 250 pounds, or for seriously hard single track riding where you ride down the rock staircase at 30 mph.

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