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My 1st conversion

Posted: Jun 09 2019 12:44am
by Camber3637
Hi all. As a newbie on here, thought I'd post my 1st conversion and also maybe get some constructive advice about my second. This is my specialized camber elite owned from new. I've added 1000w 48v rear hub motor trying to keep the looks and lines of the original bike. I'm pleased with its handling on single track trails and rolls nicely even down more technical descents and though obviously heavier it still jumps well over small lifts. For my next build I'm still looking at staying with 135mm dropout but gearing towards a downhill bike which is not yet purchased.... I'd like to get the most from my next conversion and have seen some 3kw hubs such as the mxus 3 turbo and the crystalyte HT/HS3525.... guess my main concern is the battery. Do I attempt a self build or look at multiple smaller cells connected eg. 2S2P configuration... as my first build I want to try and keep as close as possible to the bike's original looks.... I've seen a specialized big hit with a battery housing welded around the original frame which is possible with connections I have in the sheet metal fabrication field.... any thoughts and advice greatly appreciated..... thanks all