Electric motorcycle from leftovers

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Electric motorcycle from leftovers

Post by nuxland » Feb 11 2021 12:53pm

I have in the shelf Revolt RV-160 Pro motor + Nucular 24F controller.
Friend had a small rolling motorcycle frame and around 300 cells 2Ah. Came out form bad bms electric automatic lawmower batterys. So I bought already ANT bms and then make a 16p20s battery from these cells. Also new motor mount need to be fabricated.
Tested these cells (are rated 6A continious) and 10A is limit for continious in my tests. but we are happy with 8kw continious and 15kw peak at start.
DisCharge.jpg (98.43 KiB) Viewed 170 times

I have also 6pcs of A123 20Ah pouches and need to get 18 more from another friend 2p24s pack that is broken. But first we try with these 2Ah cells.

Will be front 11 teeth and back 45 teeth at start, that will make 70km/h and that is enough for this little beast.
MotorCycle.jpg (816.91 KiB) Viewed 170 times
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