New build code name " 2 stroke"

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New build code name " 2 stroke"

Post by paulstung » Feb 18 2021 7:34pm

After numerous problems I've decided on a new build, using mostly parts from my spare parts box and a new 1500w rear hub combined with a 45A sabvoton controller, with my 60v 25ah battery.

I've usually either carried the battery in a backpack or in a handlebar bag, but not this time. The frame I've decided on has a big enough triangle to mount the battery but due to the shape no there isn't a bag available so my plan is to box in the entire triangle with either fibreglass or carbon fibre, but unlike most battery boxes mine isn't going to be inside of the frame but built around the frame so it looks more seamless and like it should be there.

And yes the rear wheel is on backwards, I was just working out on where the torque arms will be... Lol

I'm waiting for a few more parts to be delivered then I'll crack on with project " 2 stroke"
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