"PVC pipe" lipo battery case build

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Re: "PVC pipe" lipo battery case build

Post by Hyena » Jun 10 2014 11:48pm

John Bozi wrote:so in the original pvc build you were using 6s. Could you please tell us which battery? I can see its flight max but not the ah. And did you mod the pvc or did you ever see in any damage to the corners of your batteries?
You can *JUST* shoe horn in the zippy flightmax 5000mah 6S packs. These are slightly thinner than the turnigys.
This is what I was using years back when I first started. The bulk of the pack will squeeze in but the hard part is the wiring end as there's actually a slight bulge out depending on how it's soldered. And then you need to get the wiring from the packs below the top one up to one end too. I used silicon spray inside the tube to help slide everything through. A light warming with a heat gun will soften it enough to jam everything though. You don't want to overdo it though otherwise it'll end up lumpy looking.

I did have pics in my build thread from 2010 but it seems the img links are dead now.
I used 10mm MDF cut with a jigsaw for my end caps. You could glue them in but I just used self tappers through from the outside of the case.
Sams 3D printed caps would be a better prospect though
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Re: "PVC pipe" lipo battery case build

Post by mwkeefer » May 29 2015 9:57pm

May I say this is one of the nicest Downtube style PVC 4x4 based enclosures I've seen so far, great work on all!


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Re: "PVC pipe" lipo battery case build

Post by Alan B » May 29 2015 10:10pm

Nice Work!

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