Hobbit's Rans Fusion

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Re: Hobbit's Rans Fusion

Post by Hyena » Aug 26 2012 7:22am

You don't HAVE to wire it, many many people do just solder it but if you get it really hot in use the solder can melt off and run elsewhere. The bad kinda elsewhere.
It's no biggy to remove the board though, it's like 10 screws and it's out, then it's easy work.

Oh, and if you have the one I sent to Danny ages back then it might be one of the same models as I'm using on my fighter. If so you can reprogram that one.
See the other thread by rusted hen where I posted about the model numbers - you're looking for the A3 from memory.
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Re: Hobbit's Rans Fusion

Post by megacycle » Aug 26 2012 5:33pm

Yeh better stop being a lazy bugger and take it apart, in between fixing the front loader that pooed itself yesterday and do all the other mods that will make it reach its potential thanks Cheif appreciate the advice.
Edit Yeh A-3 good recall.

PS Happy Belated Returns only just found out.
Hope the copter is in the air.
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Re: Hobbit's Rans Fusion

Post by Hobbit » Nov 10 2016 8:05am

...*cough* i'm still here but been away for a while...
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Re: Hobbit's Rans Fusion

Post by Hobbit » Apr 15 2017 9:56pm

Hiya Fellas and Ladies, having a couple of days break right now so i’ve pulled apart my current bike to tidy a few things up on her and i’m now in the initial stages of bike 2, a 20.5" 2003 Giant VT2.

http://www.bikepedia.com/QuickBike/Imag ... nt-VT2.jpg

Between my 2 bikes I have 10 x 6s 30A lipo, a H4080 and a 5400 both in original 26” rims, 2 x CA 2.23, 1 x charger 3010,1 1000w power supply (maybe a second charger in storage…i’m checking, 1 x cellog 8m, 1 half twist throttle, 2 x 3 speed switches

but only 1 controller! A Crystalyte 75V 50A
otherwise ready to go…

Current budget is: negative $100 per week so in the meantime while I save up and research controllers ( been “away” for 3 years ) I’ll get bike1 back on the road and bike2 setup so I can swap my current controller into it ( pita ) and get a feel for it.

I’m thinking I’ll get a 1500 -2000 watt controller in the next couple of weeks for around $80 - $150 to get it moving. I can then pull it out and into a kids bike or ladies bike later when I buy something capable of 10K with bells and whistles…

The Giant is 14 yrs old. I bought it for $600 about 5 years ago and sat on it and looked at it 'til now it's build time! Yeah!. It ain’t no NYX but I ’spose the good thing is it should be relatively cheap to upgrade to the usual….better rear shock, huge discs, more robust front forks, 24” wheels, e.t.c. It’ll be a road bike for starters, eventually I’m going to get it to about 6-7Kw but I’m not in a hurry. My main goal right now is just getting 2 bikes rolling so I can take mates for a cruise and start converting 'em all into an Electric Bikie gang.


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