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Long-distance e-bikes

Posted: May 30 2014 5:54pm
by mrbill
My bikes are set up for riding long distances, usually greater than 50 miles (80km) and as much as 200 miles (322km) in one go. This requires large-capacity batteries and careful mounting to carry the weight of them without degrading bike handling and also careful attention to aerodynamics to get good efficiency.

I typically get 10-15 wh/mi (6-9 wh/km) with average speeds in the mid/high-teens (mph) (20-32 km/h), depending on amount of climbing.

Photo albums of my e-bikes can be seen here: ... index.html ... index.html

My e-bike web page can be seen here:

While the following rides are on the long end of what I often do each weekend, they give you an idea of what's involved.

200 miles in one day on the Davis Double Century held out of Davis, CA: ... 2014.05.17

And, last weekend I rode a two-day tour across the Sierra Nevada mountain range and back: ... 2014.05.25 ... 2014.05.26

Is there anyone else out there on E-S who enjoys similar riding on their e-bike?

Re: Long-distance e-bikes

Posted: Jun 01 2014 10:43am
by dogman dan
Freaking awesome man. I do a few longer rides a year. But 60 miles a day is more my distance. ... =6&t=59084

I can see I'll be spending some time looking at your blog. I knew when you stated your wh/mi it had to be a bent. My monster of a bike is doing great if it gets 25 wh/mi.