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The Manta saddle

Posted: Jan 01 2015 4:35am
by Modbikemax
Just fitted a manta saddle.
It is interesting but it definitely is not a pain in the arse. :D
I have done a few k's on it on a regular bike and now going to try it on my ebike.
It is not quite right for a leaning forward flat bar road bike but that could also be the frame is a little too big for me.
I had tried it on a mountain bike with plenty of seat adjustment. If you want to fit it to a bike with the seat post almost all the way down I would forget it.
I think it would be perfect on a mountain bike or cross bike with an up right riding position.

The arms are hinged in the middle and move with your legs to give a wide area of weight distribution and it certainly does that. When you are not pedalling it feels like a big tractor seat.
Like most things new it takes a bit of getting used to, you can slide around on it if you are unprepared.

Costs about the same as any good quality saddle. Available from:

Re: The Manta saddle

Posted: Jan 01 2015 1:15pm
by The fingers
I would like one of those. 8)

Re: The Manta saddle

Posted: Jan 13 2015 7:32pm
by Modbikemax
This is more the style of bike with the low seat tube. This is a shop rider which had a brushed hub motor, yuk, but has a very nice 3 speed nexus rear hub and drum brake. The frame has nice brackets to eliminate a lot of the brake torque arm clamps and cable clamps normally found on a regular bike. This will have a brushless front hub fitted soon. Just working out the battery box.